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In case of damage, you can call TURK NIPPON INSURANCE ASSISTANCE at (0212) 444 8 867.

Upon your report, our Company surveyors will be assigned to your file and attend to your case as soon as possible.

Information you will be asked to provide with your report:

Information that must be submitted to the insurer when reporting a claim:

1. Policy number
2. Insured / Injured name and/or title
3. Damage date
4. Damage location
5) How the damage occurred
6) Estimated claim figure
7) Postal address of the survey location. Contact details of the company official to be contacted with. (phone, address etc.)
8) Injured person's Turkish ID number

Be sure to note down the file number that will be issued when you file a claim. This file number will be used in all correspondence and communications regarding your claim.