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Our greatest asset at Turk Nippon Insurance is our valuable employees. Therefore, our human resources policy is shaped on the basis of transparency, fairness and consistency. While we maximize the value of our employees in line with our company's vision, values and strategies, we aim to provide them with a fair and open working environment, We are a team of honest and trustworthy people who create value for our customers and we always put these values at the center of our work.

Our Human Resources regulation covers many important issues ranging from recruitment standards to personnel rights, working hours, leave and transportation benefits, pay and performance evaluations. At the same time, job descriptions and assignments are shared with our employees and constantly updated. At Turk Nippon Insurance, we always strive to support the development of our employees and to keep them in the loop.

Turk Nippon Insurance offers various trainings and development opportunities to help its employees develop further, and achieve their career goals. In addition, social and cultural activities are organized to provide employees with a healthy and happy working environment. With its human resources policies and practices, Turk Nippon Insurance enables its employees to realize their potential at the highest level and to contribute to the company's goals.

At Turk Nippon Insurance, we are committed to shaping the future of the insurance industry, while continuing to create value for our customers and the society.