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We offer top quality and sophisticated products and services for the insured we serve, thanks to the power and experience of our shareholder Harel Group, not to mention a truly professional and strong team in Insurance Business. Since day one, we have been taking confident steps in this journey, with the most valuable business partners we introduced into Turk Nippon Insurance family.

As a dynamic company, we help our customers and agents enjoy outstanding services and offerings, putting our distinctive and effective operations to the forefront in ensuring service quality, providing product selection, furthering operating procedure efficiency, and increasing productivity levels.

As a firm, we have designed our organizational structure in the light of detailed risk assessment based on the risk management policy we have introduced with a view to achieving operational profitability, in order to achieve a sustainable pricing system and to develop the matching strategies, as the hallmarks of our distinction.

At Turk Nippon we have always attached utmost priority to the need to stand by our business partners as well as our insured customers. I believe being available and reachable at all times by our business partners and our customers above all, is one of the features that ensures our distinctiveness. Making ourselves available at any time to our business partners which traditionally work with multiple firms, helping them discuss the options available for the issue at hand, is how we manage to back that significant promise. Availability and being reachable is an important element of distinction, and a defining feature of our efforts towards all our goals.

At Turk Nippon Insurance, we are well aware that competition based on production targets alone is not sustainable in the long run, and believe that we can ultimately achieve more by standing out in the industry with our balanced growth strategy. All the plans we made are based on this perspective.

We will continue to serve our insured customers with our high quality service perspective, in cooperation with our esteemed business partners, and to achieve more and more as the preferred insurance firm in the market.

Yours respectfully,

E.Baturalp PAMUKÇU (Ph.D.)
Chief Executive Officer