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Türk Nippon Sigorta A.Ş. was incorporated on 1 May, 1991, with a capital of TRL 25 billion, as a partnership between Turkish Development Bank and Japan’s largest Insurance Firm, Nippon Fire & Marine.


On 6 October, 1998, the insurance firm was privatized, with 85.22% of the shares being acquired by Sümerbank. After this major change of ownership, 10% of the shares continued to be held by Turkish Development Bank, and 4.78% were retained by Nippon Fire & Marine.


In 2000, 96.24% of the shares were taken over by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, followed by the acquisition of Turk Nippon Insurance by HNS Group, which kept the control of the firm till November 2008. Then, the majority of the firm’s shares were bought by Harel Group.


Since 2008, Turk Nippon Insurance continues its insurance operations with the backing and power of Harel Group to support the dynamic and professional team of the firm.

Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd. is one of the largest finance and insurance groups of Israel, boasting an experience of 70 years in the business, as well as a market share of approximately 18.5%. It ranks 1st in Health and Non-Life branches, 2nd in Life insurances, and 4th in Pension Funds.

The group controls approximately 12.4% of the pension fund management market, 7.7% of the savings fund management market, and 13.3% of the investment fund management market.

Harel Insurance has a working engagement with Lloyd’s, one of the largest reinsurance firms worldwide, and is among the preferred global partners of AXA, Allianz, Royal & Sun Alliance, Ace, Chubb, and various multinational firms in the context of providing insurance to Israeli firms.

Areas of Operation

“Turk Nippon Insurance is authorized to provide services in the following branches.”

Land Vehicles
Railway Vehicles
Air Vehicles
Marine Vehicle
Fire and Natural Disasters
General Liabilities
Land Vehicles Liability
Air Vehicles Liability
Marine Vehicles Liability
General Liability
Fidelity Guarante
Financial Losses