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Enjoy Advantageous Workplace and Fire Insurance at Turk Nippon!


We all dream of running our own business! And you made that dream come true. Congratulations!

But you can never ignore the risks of dark shadows on that dream! Just think about it, losing everything you worked for years and years, and having to start over from scratch...

Turk Nippon Insurance stands by you in the face of such risks, providing complete coverage for your office with comprehensive office insurance solutions. And you can truly focus on your business, responsibilities, and new investments.

  1. Turk Nippon Insurance workplace policy coverage
      • Fire, Lightning, Explosion
      • Interior water
      • Storm
      • Landslide
      • Air and land vehicles impact
      • Smoke
      • Weight of snow
      • Strike, Lockout, Riot, Public Disturbances, Malicious Acts, and Terror
      • Interior decorations
      • Financial Liability for Fire
      • Temporary Residence Change Costs
      • Debris Removal Costs
      • Turk Nippon Assistance Services (Workplace)
      • Oncology Support
      • Emergency Medical Assistance
  2. Optional supplementary coverage
      • Earthquake
      • Flooding and inundation
      • Theft
      • Work Stoppage
      • Rent Loss
      • Personal Property
      • Glass Breakage
      • Personal Accident
      • Third Party Financial Liability
      • Employer's Financial Liability
      • Carried Cash
      • Fidelity Guarantee
      • Electronic Devices
      • Machine Breakdown
      • Cash Theft
      • Sale of Fixed Assets
  3. Advantages
      • Employee Belongings
      • Employer's Financial Liability
      • Third Party Financial Liability
      • Personal Accident
      • Carried Cash
      • Fidelity Guarantee
  4. Turk Nippon assistance services
      • Water installation works
      • Electrical wiring works
      • Key and lock works
      • Glass repairs
      • Security company
  5. Emergency medical assistance

      If you hold a Workplace Insurance policy with Turk Nippon Insurance, you can enjoy Medical Consulting, Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance Services, and Emergency Doctor Service. All you need to do to make use of these services in cases of emergencies is to call Turk Nippon Assistance, by dialing (0212) 444 8 867.