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Welcome to our Regulatory Disclosures page. This page covers various sub-categories that reflect Turk Nippon Insurance's commitment to protecting the rights and privacy of our customers and stakeholders.

Protection of Personal Data: We respect the privacy of our customers' personal data. This section provides information on how personal data is protected and processed. You can also find detailed information about our data protection policies and our customers' rights regarding data security.

Information Forms: At Turk Nippon Insurance, we adhere to a transparent communication policy. This section provides access to the disclosure forms we provide to our customers and stakeholders. These forms containing important information on insurance products and services are available here.

Insurance Malpractice: This section reflects the importance our Company attaches to ethical values and honesty. It includes our approach for and policies on combating insurance malpractice and fraud. It aims to ensure that our customers have secure and fair access to insurance services.

Amounts Left Unclaimed: This section provides information on how to claim the funds that have been made available at the request of our clients or beneficiaries, but not yet collected, along with access to information on applicable procedures in place.