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Would you like to be better prepared to any unfortunate accidents, with additional benefits we will be offering you, on top of the Statutory Traffic Insurance? That is what Turk Nippon Insurance’s brand new product, Comprehensive Traffic Insurance is for.


The Comprehensive Traffic Insurance goes beyond meeting the requirements applicable to Statutory Traffic Insurance, making your life easier by providing certain supplementary coverage elements usually associated with the Motor Insurance, subject to certain limits.

The insurance provider covers, up to the statutory insurance limits, the legal liability pertaining to the operator under the Highways Traffic Law no. 2918, for the cases of causing death or injury of a person or inflicting damage on a property during the operation of the motor vehicle identified on the policy.

The insurance applies inside Turkey. The insured would be given the Report Form for Traffic Accident with Material Loss only, along with the traffic insurance policy.

Frequently Asked
  1. What is Motor Insurance?

    Comprehensive motor insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for damages that may occur as a result of fire, theft, attempted theft, natural disasters or accidents. Comprehensive motor insurance is not mandatory. It is optional.

  2. What is Covered in Motor Insurance?
    • Collision, crash, tipping, falling, rolling
    • Fire
    • Theft, theft as a result of the original key being stolen
    • Loss of key
    • Strike, Lock-out, Disturbance, Civil Commotion, Malicious Acts and Terrorism
    • Earthquake, flood, hail, storm
    • Tobacco etc. substance harms
    • Discretionary liability insurance, Personal accident
    • Legal liability
    • Mini repairs, roadside assistance and substitute vehicle service
  3. Traffic Insurance vs. Comprehensive Motor Insurance
    • Traffic insurance is a mandatory type of insurance, while motor insurance is an optional one. Any attempt to drive without traffic insurance will result in the vehicle being impounded and the owners being fined.
    • Comprehensive motor insurance covers the loss and damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident, while traffic insurance covers the loss and damage to the other party.
    • Moreover, the prices of the two are very different. Since the coverage provided by motor insurance is more comprehensive than that of traffic insurance, the price of motor insurances are relatively higher. Coverage limits for traffic insurance are standardized for all insurance companies. The coverage provided through motor insurance policies, however, may vary according to the policy you have purchased.
    • The limits for traffic insurance are set by the state. The material and physical losses incurred by the other party are covered at a certain rate. In the case of comprehensive motor insurance, the scope of the policy can be extended as desired, and it is the insurance company and the vehicle owner, not the state, who sets the limits.
    • Does No-Claims Bonus Continue to Apply in case of Company and/or Vehicle Changes?
    • If the insured does not have any damage record on his/her existing policy, the discount rates will continue to apply with the new vehicle as before.
  4. When Do Mini Repair Services Apply?

    Within the scope of the Mini Repair service, minor damages that may occur within 1 year from the policy start date are repaired free of charge within the size and quantity limits specified in the policy. The statement of the insured and the presentation of the insurance policy is sufficient for utilizing the Mini Repair service.