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Banner about home insurance. In the photo, a father, mother and child are seen sitting on the floor in the living room of their house.

You worked for years and finally was able to buy the house you always dreamt of. But don’t you think you can improve on that?


Your home, which is literally a castle to protect you and your family in the face of any external threat, deserves the security provided by Turk Nippon Home Insurance.

Get insurance for your home and your property against all risks, ranging from fire to lightning, theft to storms. Then, all you need to do is to enjoy the peace of mind.

  1. Turk Nippon Insurance home insurance policy coverage
      • Fire, lightning and explosion
      • Internal water
      • Storm
      • Landslide
      • Land-air vehicles collusion
      • Smoke
      • Weight of snow
      • Strike, lock-out, disturbance, civil commotion, malicious acts, and terrorism
      • Internal decorations
      • Financial liability for fire
      • Personal accident
      • Third party financial liability
      • Loss of rent
      • Temporary residence costs
      • Debris removal costs
      • Turk Nippon Assistance services
      • Legal protection
      • Emergency medical assistance
  2. Optional supplementary coverage
      • Earthquake
      • Flooding
      • Glass breakage
      • Theft
      • Coverage against inflation
      • Fixed asset theft coverage
  3. Advantages
      • Glass breakage coverage provides insurance for glass tables and mirrors.
      • Paint, whitewash and electrical installations are included in the internal decorations coverage.
      • 3rd Party Financial Liability and Personal Accident Coverage
      • Your electronic devices are provided coverage as per the limits specified in the policy, for
      • Food rot caused by electrical damage
      • Machine breakdown
      • Property of guests
      • Fuel leak out of boilers
      • Garden trees and ornamental plants
      • Household goods in deposit
      • Pickpocket
      • Accidental breakage
      • No-claims bonus
      • Assistance services
  4. Turk Nippon assistance services
      • Installation works
      • Electrical works
      • Glass replacements
      • Key services
      • Doctor or ambulance dispatch
      • Specialist nurse or companion dispatch
      • Hotel services
      • Security firm
      • Delivery of urgent messages
      • Professional household services
      • Information and organization service
      • Online dietitian service 
      • Onine psychologist service
  5. Emergency medical assistance

      If you hold a home insurance policy with Turk Nippon Insurance, you will also be provided Medical Consulting, Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance Services, and Emergency Doctor Service at no charge. All you need to do to utilize these services in cases of emergencies is to call Turk Nippon Assistance by dialing (0212) 444 8 867.