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Expanded Casco Insurance provides assurances against the potential accidents you may suffer in your daily life.

Offering an extended set of motor insurance coverage, this insurance is beneficial for our customers.

  1. Turk Nippon Insurance comprehensive motor insurance policy coverage

      This category includes Extended Comprehensive Motor Insurance coverage.

      • Crash, Collision, Rollover
      • Fire
      • Theft and Attempted Theft
      • Damages caused through contact with cigarettes and similar materials, with the exception of fire damage
      • Damages to vehicles towed by unauthorized persons
      • Legal liability
      • Appreciation
      • Claims to arise due to damage caused by rodents
  2. Optional Supplementary Coverage
      • Earthquake and volcanic eruption
      • Flooding
      • Strikes, lock-outs, commotion, public disturbances, and terror
      • Overseas
      • Damages arising from loss of income as a result of an accident involving commercial vehicles are covered subject to the limits and deductibles specified in the policy.
      • Accidents that may happen to the driver and passengers while traveling in the vehicle
      • The part of the legal liability of the vehicle owner above the compulsory financial liability insurance limits is covered against the limits written in the policy
  3. Advantages
      • In the event that a brand-new vehicle with zero mileage is deemed to be totally damaged as a result of a damage occurring during the policy period, a brand-new vehicle of the same brand, type and with the same accessories will be provided.
      • For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, a rental car is provided for a maximum of 10 days (excluding Sundays) and twice a year in cases where the repair time of the damaged vehicle at the service station exceeds 48 hours, without the requirement of a tow truck.
      • It covers the labor for the repair of vehicles immobilized due to breakdown during travel, and the replacement of the defective part within the limits specified in the policy. e.g. battery, fuel pump, distributor, belt, fuse, etc.
      • Replacement of the Central Lock System
      • Theft of a vehicle using an original key
      • Personal Property
      • In the event of certain conditions specified in the policy, the existing rate of the no-claim discount will be carried over to the renewal policy of the following year without cancelling.
  4. Turk Nippon assistance services
      • Towing and rescue
      • Car door lock service
      • Tire change
      • Towing to the nearest gas station in case of running out of fuel
      • Accommodation due to vehicle unavailability
      • Professional driver service
      • Spare part supply and delivery arrangements
      • Return to permanent residence or continuation of the journey
      • Transfer or return to permanent residence in case of injury or illness
      • Travel and accommodation for a family member in connection with the insured's treatment
      • Medicine dispatch
      • Return trip due to damage at home
      • Delivery of urgent messages
      • Substitute rental vehicle (for a maximum of 10 days, and two times per year, if the repairs of the damaged vehicle in the service exceeds 48 hours (excluding Sundays)).
  5. Emergency medical assistance

      If you hold a Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy with Turk Nippon Insurance, you will also be provided Medical Consulting, Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance Services, and Emergency Doctor Service at no charge. All you need to do to utilize these services in cases of emergencies is to call Turk Nippon Assistance by dialing (0212) 444 8 867.

  6. Turk Nippon assistance services

      If you have "Turk Nippon Mini Repair" service coverage in your motor insurance policy, services are provided by two different companies for the repair of small-scale damages that fall within the service limits. You can visit RS Service for policies created before 01.07.2022 and ALC Service for policies created after 01.07.2022. After checking your policy date, you can visit the nearest service location for "Damage Assessment" anytime, taking your motor insurance policy along. In order to utilize the service, all you need to do is to bring your vehicle to the relevant service center on the appointment date and time for the repair process after the damage assessment within the scope of the "Turk Nippon Mini Repair" service.

      • Paint Damaged Bodywork Dent Correction
      • Paint Repair "Mini Patch"
      • Interior Trim Repair
      • Windshield Repair
      • Plastic Bumper Repair
Frequently Asked
  1. What is Motor Insurance?

    Comprehensive motor insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for damages that may occur as a result of fire, theft, attempted theft, natural disasters or accidents. Comprehensive motor insurance is not mandatory. It is optional.

  2. What is Covered in Motor Insurance?
    • Collision, crash, tipping, falling, rolling
    • Fire
    • Theft, theft as a result of the original key being stolen
    • Loss of key
    • Strike, Lock-out, Disturbance, Civil Commotion, Malicious Acts and Terrorism
    • Earthquake, flood, hail, storm
    • Tobacco etc. substance harms
    • Discretionary liability insurance, Personal accident
    • Legal liability
    • Mini repairs, roadside assistance and substitute vehicle service
  3. Traffic Insurance vs. Comprehensive Motor Insurance
    • Traffic insurance is a mandatory type of insurance, while motor insurance is an optional one. Any attempt to drive without traffic insurance will result in the vehicle being impounded and the owners being fined.
    • Comprehensive motor insurance covers the loss and damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident, while traffic insurance covers the loss and damage to the other party.
    • There is a difference between traffic insurance prices and motor insurance prices. Since the coverage provided by motor insurance is more comprehensive than that of traffic insurance, the price of motor insurances are relatively higher. Coverage limits for traffic insurance are standardized for all insurance companies. The coverage provided through motor insurance policies, however, may vary according to the policy you have purchased.
    • The limits for traffic insurance are set by the state. The material and physical losses incurred by the other party are covered at a certain rate. In the case of comprehensive motor insurance, the scope of the policy can be extended as desired, and it is the insurance company and the vehicle owner, not the state, who sets the limits.
  4. Does No-Claims Bonus Continue to Apply in case of Company and/or Vehicle Changes?

    If the insured does not have any damage record on his/her existing policy, the discount rates will continue to apply with the new vehicle as before.

  5. When Do Mini Repair Services Apply?

    Within the scope of the Mini Repair service, minor damages that may occur within 1 year from the policy start date are repaired free of charge within the size and quantity limits specified in the policy. The statement of the insured and the presentation of the insurance policy is sufficient for utilizing the Mini Repair service.

  6. Can I Pay for the Insurance in Installments?

    If you wish so, you can purchase your motor insurance policies in up to 11 equal installments charged automatically to your credit card.