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All kinds of erection projects, such as the assembly of machinery in fertilizer plants, food and metal processing plants, textile industry, brickyards, paper and timber mills and leather industry are covered as due, to provide insurance protection against all risks from the arrival of the machinery to be assembled to the construction site until the completion of their assembly and testing runs.

  1. Installation All Risks Insurance coverages

      Erection All Risks Insurance automatically covers the following risks in addition to erection accidents, provided that they arise due to sudden and unexpected causes:

      • Any natural disaster, including earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides and subsidence
      • Theft and attempted theft
      • Fire, lighting and explosion
      • Air and land vehicles impact
      • Four weeks trial period
  2. Supplementary coverage

      The scope of coverage of the Construction All Risks Insurance can be extended with the following additional coverage elements:

      • Debris removal costs
      • Construction machinery
      • Construction sites
      • Third party financial liability
      • Maintenance period
      • Strikes, lock-outs, commotion, public disturbances, and terror
      • Overtime and rapid transportation costs required as a result of the damage