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All electronic devices (fixed office devices –computers, printers, faxes, photocopiers, telephone switchboards, CNC machines– textile and lathe machines, medical devices –ultrasound, magnetic resonance, CT scan, x-ray, gamma cameras– film printing and developing devices, devices in radio and television stations, etc.) are covered after their installation and trial procedures are completed and they become fully operational.

In Electronic Device Insurance, the insurance value is the cost of replacing the devices with new ones. This is because the damages that occur within the scope of this insurance are mostly partial damages, involving the replacement of the defective part with a new one, and thus the claim payment is based on the cost of this new part.

  1. Coverage provided by Electronic Device Insurance

      Electronic Device Insurance automatically covers the following risks, provided that they arise due to sudden and unexpected causes:

      • Damages to arise due to negligence, fault, mistake, carelessness, or ill-intentioned acts on part of the employees or third parties
      • Design or material defects
      • Damage caused by electrical power (voltage fluctuations, short circuit/unlit fire, indirect effects of lightning)
      • Fire, lightning, explosion
      • Scorching, blackening, soot, smoke
      • Storm, flood, landslide, land subsidence
      • Internal water
      • Theft and attempted theft
  2. Supplementary coverage

      The scope of coverage of the Electronic Device Insurance can be extended with the following additional coverage elements:

      • Overtime and rapid transportation costs required as a result of the damage
      • Loss of or damage on mobile and portable devices outside the insured property
      • Earthquake
      • Strikes, lock-outs, commotion, public disturbances, and terror
      • Data loss
      • Increased work and operating costs
      • Valves and tubes