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Blue Casco Insurance provides coverage in case your vehicle is totaled.

Blue Casco Insurance extends security against the insured vehicle being totaled as a result of material damages caused by the following hazards.

  1. Supplementary
      • Totaling of the vehicle as a result of a crash with motor vehicles and other vehicles which can be used on highways or railways,
      • Totaling of the vehicle in accidents such as being hit by a fixed or moving object as a result of sudden and external factors against the will of the insured or the driver of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill, or the vehicle hitting such an object, overturning, falling, or rolling,
      • The vehicle being totaled due to a fire,
      • Theft of the vehicle or its parts.

      Blue Motor Insurance coverage will only apply in case of total damage. Partial damages are not covered.

Frequently Asked
  1. For the Damage on the Insured Vehicle to be considered Total Damage:

    For the vehicle to be considered to have sustained total damage, it must have been stolen and not found within the stipulated time limit, or it must be established by a surveyor's report that the repair costs, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT), exceed 60% of the insured vehicle's value at the date of the occurrence of the risk.

  2. Total Loss Value

    In cases where it is determined by the surveyor that the insured vehicle has suffered total damage in accordance with Article B. of the General Terms and Conditions of Comprehensive Motor Insurance, the fair value of the vehicle is determined by the surveyor according to the following method:

    • The features of the vehicle that affect the market value of the vehicle such as its model year / mileage on the date of damage / whether its inspections and maintenance have been carried out regularly or not / previous damages / type of use / whether it has been imported directly from abroad instead of through an authorized dealer / invoice price etc. are taken into consideration.
    • The prices of at least 3 comparable or equivalent vehicles shall be obtained from authorized/unauthorized sellers and dealers and internet sites, and documented.
    • The fair value payable shall be determined based on the average of the prices of the vehicles most closely comparable to the insured vehicle in terms of their characteristics.
    • In cases where no comparable or equivalent vehicle can be found or where less than 3 prices can be obtained by the method specified in Article 2, the fair value shall be determined by taking into account the average of the values to be obtained from corporate vehicle dealers to be recommended by the surveyor and to be agreed upon by the insured and the insurer.
  3. Supplementary Coverage
    • Coverage Type: Blue Motor Insurance (Specific Coverage)
    • Usage Type: Applies only for private cars.
    • Comprehensive Motor Insurance: Fire, Theft, Collision/Crash (Only in case of total damage)
    • Strike, Lock-out, Riot, Civil Commotion and Terror: Included
    • Flooding: Included
    • Earthquake: Included
    • Seat-Based Personal Accident Insurance: Included
    • Discretionary Financial Liability: Included
    • Turk Nippon Assistance: Included (*Substitute vehicles are not provided*)
  4. Other Product Details

    Blue Motor Insurance does not apply in the following cases

    • In case the vehicle is 9 years old or older,
    • In case its use case is other than a private automobile,
    • In case a RENEWAL record is registered with our company,
    • In case the vehicle's price is TRY 300,000 or higher,
    • In case the customer is 23 years old or younger,
    • In case the past 3 years saw 3 or more claims for private use cases, or a score higher than 1.5 for corporate use cases.